Foot Bath Supplies & Automation

Quadra Step provides only the best hoof
bath retail with a collection of simple safe effective products solutions for hoof care.
Prevention is the best practice for great health for your herd.

Hoof Zink


Copper Sulphate

Hoof Bath Acidifier

The standard Hoofcount Footbath is up to 3m long and 800mm (internal) wide. This bath allows 2 dips per hoof. It ensurecs all cows dip all feet through. Hoofcount baths have no electric pumps or moving parts.

Is easy to use, because it’s a liquid product that mixes in water with no additives. It has environmental benefits by providing a necessary micronutrient (Zinc) to grain and forage crop. It is also safe for shallow irrigation water tables. And is cost effective because concentrated liquid mineral source (30% Zn ; 15lbs/gal). Copper sulfate has a less copper concentration at 25.2% CU.