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Cattle Hoof Health is Our Goal

Quadra Step is dedicated to the highest level of cattle hoof care. We know how important it is to maintain your cattle’s health through regular hoof maintenance, preventive procedures include a wide range, from grooving surfaces to providing therapeutic supplies that prevent diseases, increases recovery time and decreases permanent damage.

Quadra Step

Utilizing the latest maintenance trimming and lameness treatment techniques. Trim areas designed to handle cattle calmly and efficiently.

Hoof Care

Early Treatment is crucial to fast recovery. An untreated lesion results in damage to the bone structure and surrounding tissue.

Concrete Grooving

Our grooving provides a stable surface with good traction to avoid injury from slipping, without causing claw wear.

Hoof Bath

Quadra Step provides only the best hoof bath products for solutions that are effective and long lasting.
I co-own and operate a family dairy, milking 230 cows through four Delaval robots at 85#s BF 4.24 P 3.23 SCC 137.   We switched to Austin and Quadra Step in 2016, a year after robot installation, due to experiencing untreated hoof lesions, problem cows and trimmed cows becoming sore. With Austin’s help, our hoof care has gone from a treatment protocol, to a prevention and maintenance protocol.  He started us on Hoof Zink last June, when we were looking to get away from copper sulfate and trying to find an easy-to-use product. Since June, our active dermatitis cases have decreased by 75%, without having baths in dry cows or heifers.   Two years ago, Austin helped plan our installed hoof bath size and placement.  He puts the same attention and care into every animal that goes into his chute, whether they are the first or the 70th.

Sam Miller | 4th Generation Homestead

While growing up on a dairy farm, I learned the importance of hoof health, not only for the production of milk but also for the well-being  of  the animal. I have been in this business for over a decade, it has been growing from a hoof trimming business to full circle hoof health provider.

Austin Brozak, 

Dairyland Hoof Care Institute Attendee Instructor